What After CompTIA A+?


The competition for entry level technical positions is much more fierce in cities where population is high. The A+ certification not only will give you a sound edge over others in this competitive world, but also will give you an opportunity to add more certifications to your name.

Here are some of the common jobs that use CompTIA A+:

• Technical support specialist

• Field service technician

• IT support technician

• IT support administrator

• IT support specialist

• Help Desk and Customer Service

• Computer Manufacturer

Although the above list seem to be small, still there are endless opportunities for a A+ Certified Technician. Nowadays, specialized training and skills are in huge demand. Some areas worth mentioning are as:

• Personalized Training: Teaching users how to use applications, prevent loss of data and not be a victim of cyber-crimes.

• Computer Forensics: Due to increase in identity theft, the need for people to analyse data in an encrypted way is a must.

• Backup & Recovery: How to recover your data if you forget to back-up your files.

• Large Scale Database Management Systems and Very Large Scale Database Management Systems (LSDBMS & VLSDBMS): Commonly known as terabyte data ware housing.

Once you become a CompTIA A+ certified technician, you can redirect your career path in any way you would want to. The various paths that you can tread on would be:

• Administration: Providing network support, configuring routers and managing user accounts on the corporate servers.

• Development: Design the companies web presence and intranet and manage it on aregular basis.

• Hardware: From repairing simple computers to manufacturing high-end workstations and servers.

• Technician: Pass the Net+ exam thus leading to installing network cabling, supporting corporate end users and managing the corporate desktop.

As you can clearly see that there are numerous possibilities for a CompTIA A+ Certified technician. But this is only a small piece of the whole cake. You can combine multiple other certifications and direct your career in a whole new direction. The table below will give you an essence of what I had just mentioned.


• Server+

• Manufacturing


• Net+


• MCP/MCSA (Microsoft Track)


• Network+

• CCNA/CCNP (Cisco Track)

• CNA/CNE (Novell Track)

• RedHat (Linux Track)

• MCSE (Highest level Microsoft Track)


•.NET (dot net, web development)

• MCDBA (Microsoft Database Track)

• PHP/MySQL (Open-source Track)

The world of Information technology has huge innovations and prospects in this ever changing industry and the CompTIA A+ certification that you have acquired will always remain a solid foundation for you to build on.