The Fun of Cable Knitting


Cable knitting is an exciting technique for learners and well-versed knitters alike. Cable knitting patterns open up a new dimension for knitters, but the technique is not a new one by any means. It’s roots go back to historical knitting designs. Cables can and have appeared on everything from socks to sweaters. Cables give interest and texture to a single color design.

The popular fisherman’s sweater uses one of many cable knit sweater patterns and a neutral color yarn, however quite a few other styles and types of clothing are possible with knitted cables. Most cable patterns use flat panels to easily work the cable stitch. This makes cable projects ideal for beginning knitters who have graduated past the basic stitches and experienced knitters who want to try something new.

The easiest project to start with are cable knit scarf patterns. Many patterns come in bold, large format designs which make them easier for beginners to work with. Knitters will need the standard set of needles and a pair of double point needles to work the cables. The patterns should specify the size of the needles required. The same basic knit and purl stitches are used throughout, but the cable sections are worked by swapping a short section of stitches from the left to the right and vice versa using the double point needles. The swapping of stitches creates what appears to be a twist in the cable. Cable knit scarf patterns make great starter projects because they require less construction and less yarn, depending on the length of the finished piece.

Cable knit hat patterns are equally easy for beginners. Hats are versatile and hat patterns come in a variety of styles. They make for welcomed gifts in the fall and winter months. Cable patterns might run vertically from the top of the hat to the edge or they may run horizontally around a fold or brim. Cable knit hat patterns work up quickly, with very little trouble.

Cable knit sweater patterns are a little more complex because they require more construction. However, cable knit sweaters are generally less tailored and more shapeless in design to accommodate the flat planes necessary for the cabling work. This doesn’t mean more complicated designs are impossible, but the traditional designs are fairly shapeless in construction. They are the kind of sweaters that are nice to cuddle up in when the weather is cold and nasty.

Cable knitting is a time-honored art that has many fun applications in today’s knitting craft. It requites two regular needles and two double point needles which are used to work the cables. Most patterns are designed with a lot of flat panel pieces to allow for easy working of the pattern. Scarves are among the most simple of patterns. Hats and sweaters have added complexity, but they can be highly rewarding projects. Once these projects seem simple, the world of sock yarn and cable knit sock patterns awaits.