Phone Systems – Most Common Reasons of Breakdown


Telephone technology has evolved drastically since the first telephones were in use decades ago, but still one way or another, businesses rely heavily on telephone systems. Different types of phone systems have been part of this evolutionary process, which after serving their time have given way to other technically enhanced systems. Naming few of these, analogue telephone systems, digital telephone systems, hybrid telephone systems to the latest IP enabled telephone systems also referred to as VoIP service.

Owing to their excessive usage or even due to the normal wear and tear these phone systems at times malfunction that may require a phone repair service. You can well imagine the importance of reliable communication to any business. Try imagining a day in your office with all phones dead. Although modern day businesses have now taken on to more modern methods of communication but still the conventional telephones remain the priority of many.

Reasons for breakdown

There could be a number of reasons for any system to breakdown; here are a few that are most likely to cause the trouble.

Faulty cabling

One of the main reasons for telephones to go dead is a faulty cable. This has a more probable chance when a lot of wires are running all through your office. In most cases the phone wiring is either concealed or runs through ducts along the walls. The problem arises when you have to locate that particular patch that has frayed. Phone repair professionals are well equipped to locate fault in the line and can easily replace the bad patch.

Bad Jack Plugs and Sockets

Often times the reason for your phone systems to stop working can be as simple as a faulty telephone plug or socket. You can check for minor faults like these by trying a different cable or a different location for plugging in your phone.

Phone Set Breakdown

If you have ever peeked inside a telephone set you might have an idea that all of them have a circuit board built inside them with lots of small components like integrated circuits and resisters planted on them. If your set breaks down you still may have chance of getting it restored if you get a good phone repair service to have a look at it.

Programming faults

Most PABX consoles and telephone exchange systems are programmable. And can very easily error if the programming is tempered with or due to misuse. This holds true for systems run on VoIP service also. What needs done here is some reprogramming of your hardware for restoring it to function properly.