Choose the Right Phone System (EPABX) for Your Business


Communication is too important an issue in offices, factories and showrooms. Without a proper telephone system functioning within the premises, productivity will suffer immensely. Failure often means walking all over the place and wasting time and energy for everyone. Though telephone is the best way to keep in touch with the world outside, they also help to coordinate work within the enterprise. This is particularly true when there are dozens of people working.

EPABX is ideal modern day equipment for maintaining inter-departmental and inter-personnel communication ticking 24 hours a day. They are versatile, eliminate the need to subscribe to hundreds of direct telephone exchange lines, and finally help to save money substantially. PBX an earlier version of the automatic branch exchange, is great if an enterprise’s requirements are at a lower level, though they can be adapted to bigger enterprises by employing a few expert telephone operators.

Though the purpose of an EPABX system is to route incoming and outgoing calls in a systematic and orderly fashion, it can be used as an intercom system as well. It is cheap, reliable and easy to maintain. They are also safe, and provide considerable level of privacy and secrecy to the users. They are capable of providing selective services on some extension while denying the same to some. STD/ISD services are the principal services that are frequently denied to some users. Likewise some extensions can be totally denied all outgoing service whether local/STD or ISD.

Your choice of system will depend on how many extensions your office or factory needs. There are equipments that can handle hundreds of extensions using dozens of external landlines at the same time. However, they are rare and are mostly custom made and require really big investment. In addition to the big investment, they also require an exclusive team of technicians to handle wiring and maintenance. Generally this type of setup is not recommended for small and home office type businesses.

The most common types of equipment however are 1, 2, or 3 lines phones that connect to up to 24 extensions or fewer. They are available off shelf, and there is very little work involved in installing them, except the cabling which has to be done anyways. What is more, they don’t need extensive training, and they don’t fail either which is what makes it preferable.

Here are some well known EPABX phones readily available in the market. They can also be ordered online which is usually advantageous.

• Panasonic EPABX KX-TES 824BX model with 3 Lines* 8 Extensions (Expandable UP to 24 extensions.)

• Matrix Eternity NE2 IP-PBX with 2 Line, 2 GSM Ports, 2 Digital Extensions. & 4 Extensions – VoIP & GSM Compatible EPABX

• Panasonic EPABX KX-TEB 308BX (Fixed) 3 Lines * 8 Extensions

• Matrix Vision-308S EPABX with CALLER ID. EPABX With 3 Lines And 8 Extensions with Standard Features

• Matrix Proton 308 EPABX without Caller ID.

• Panasonic EPABX KX-TES 824BX Advanced Hybrid System with 3 Lines* 16 Extensions (Expandable UPTO 8 line to 24 extension.)

• Panasonic EPABX KX-TDA 100D model with 8 lines x 4 Digital x 32 extension