Benefits Of Using a Direct Internet Connection


When choosing an internet connection, various alternatives are available for both residential and commercial use. The alternatives include individual dial-up which is accessed via a modem and a computer. The other alternative is direct internet connections which are usually connected to Local Area Network (LAN).

Direct connections provide high bandwidth and voice services without having to change the already existing cabling infrastructure. This allows people who use the world wide web heavily to run multiple business applications like ERP and audio, VoIP and video conferencing round the clock. The service is delivered through various options including leased line, copper, WiMax technology, fiber and MMDS among others.

This system usually provides the customer with 2 kinds of access lines. There is the 128kbps which offers permanent connection to the net at the maximum data rate of 128kbps. This can drop to 64kbps when the phone is in use. There is 2.048mbps that provides access at the speed of 2.048mbps and also provides four to eight telephone lines. When any of the phones is in use, the connection speed drops. If the 8 phone lines are in use the speed drops to 512kbps.

It works by offering symmetrical high-speed world wide web access via the existing phone lines. It can combine data packets and voice through one twisted-pair of wire located at the premises of the customer. The access is always permanently on at the premises of the customer. The premises of the service provider have an Internet Access Node (IAN) to separate data and voice traffic from a number of users. It then routes them to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and the internet independently.

This connection comes with on-site support and round the clock help desk. It is popular with users for various reasons. Firstly, it has a high up-time link that is available round the clock. This is ideal for heavy world wide web usages. It is thus able to download files, pictures and software in a matter of seconds or minutes. Online gaming is also enabled by this kind of connection.

This connection does not affect the telephone lines meaning that the telephone line is not occupied when the net is connected. The same phone line can thus be used for data, fax and voice transmission. It can also run various critical applications at the same time. It has maximum protection from down-times that usually threaten businesses and this makes it very reliable.

This service is very convenient since the connection is always on. On top of this, it offers unlimited access. This means that you are not charged based on the duration of your connection. The charges are based on a flat rate which is usually monthly. This is of great benefit to businesses as they can also access cheap telephone services using VoIP technology.

Those who have always wanted their businesses to do more, grow bigger and become more successful would find direct internet connection ideal. It is a great solution to accessing both telephone and highest connection speeds simultaneously. Since the connection is unlimited, the firm can maximize usage while at the same time saving costs.